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The day it began


Written on a plane to Croatia. British airways is taking these two Euro travellers to the very beginning of their adventurous lives. From London, Gatwick to Dubrovnik, Croatia.

I’m sitting in seat 21D, tapping my fingers against the food tray creating disaster scenarios in my head; What if the bikes get broken on the flight, what if I fall off the bike on day 1? What if I’m not actually strong enough to do this?

The plane leaves the ground.

Everything is going to be fine. I have only ever been this excited a few times before and nothing went wrong then so nothing will go wrong now.

I’m refreshing my brain, like a computer completing a factory reset. This is the start of a new life, so I will leave my old one to the past.

This morning at 5:00am Chris and I were running around like headless chickens, cramming all we could in the bike boxes and watching them morph out of shape when we pushed the lid closed. It was an absolute palaver but luckily the boxes were under the weight limit at check-in.

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Flight was delayed an hour but we used that time to look up campsites for our first week, a easy breezy flight later and we landed safely in Dubrovnik!

Set the bikes up at the airport with no drama and the bikes and luggage arrived unharmed, the boxes took a bit of a beating however. We arrived early afternoon so we made our way onto road D8 and whizzed downhill and around to the Dalmatian Coast. We spent the first 10 minute on the road laughing our heads off, we felt absolutely bonkers but completely free. The road we are on is very busy and we are considering leaving it very soon when we get the chance, that aside we have landed on cloud 9.


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Looking clean and ready for adventure


After very little sleep last night we wanted to find camp ASAP so we biked very little today, we have found a good campsite for 106kn, around £10. We went for a walk to the beach just 10 minutes away from Camp Kupain. Our happy and excited minds go us lost up the forestry banks but we eventually made it to a supermarket to get dinner supplies, only to come back and find the butane/propane canister we bought earlier at a petrol station was not compatible with our MSR camp stove!


Disappointed and hungry I wandered around the campsite. Luckily, I managed to befriend a Frenchman called Patrick, travelling with his wife in a caravan, he lent us his industrial sized burner so we could enjoy our first road meal of vegetables and pasta.

Now my feet have stopped itching and our bellies are full, we welcome our first nights sleep on the road. Let the adventure begin!


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Let it begin!

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  1. What a great post!! Loved reading your thoughts as you were experiencing this most exciting part of your journey! I remember the feeling when we first hit the road and that delirious happiness, excitement and sense of freedom will not soon be forgotten. I love the pics that accompany the article and can’t wait to read more from your adventures! Also, Bugger Tits makes me laugh lol

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