One month to go

We all get excited for celebrations and holidays
Counting down the hours till the all important get-away,
It’s always best to have regular breaks,
In order to avoid those bodily aches,
Too much computer screen sending you mad,
Grabbing another office biscuit that you should never have had,
Taking crap from a boss that you simply can’t please,
Trying to be on time but losing your keys,
Thinking about what to wear, or which way to keep your hair,
But slowly realising the universe doesn’t care.

Someone once asked me what I wanted from life,
He was drunk, I was drunk and it took me by surprise,
I remember telling him I wanted to be happy, and that was it,
‘Oh you’re one of them’ he said, what a git.
‘One of them’ I thought and I pondered,
One of those that always wondered?
Floating around seeking insight,
On what life truly is and should really be like?
Grab it by the balls and hold it high,
Nobody should ever judge you for giving it a try,

You’ll meet people that you love,
And you’ll have to say goodbye,
Life can be cruel and we always question why,
There isn’t a game and there isn’t a path,
Struggle to struggle and laugh to laugh,
My mother once told me you must kiss a few toads,
And go down your share of bumpy roads,
So it’s the road that I choose with a bike by my side,
Riding all day and writing at night,

Together we’ll explore amazing new places,
No doubt we’ll have our fair share of races,
The highest road in Europe we aim to ride,
I really can’t imagine a bigger sense of pride,
We will push our mind, body and company too,
But I’m biking around the world,
And I’m glad it’s with you.

One month to go,
World we’ll see you soon
Leaving these shores on the 2nd of June,
Camping by roads and eating plain,
At least we can say we are avoiding the rain!

– KR