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Mr. Routine

Oh, Mr. Routine, please don’t bother me,
I’ve ignored your calls and messages and do not wish to reply,
You wake me up to tell me that I am already late,
When all I did was question, ‘What got me in this state?’,
Mr Routine, I have to end this, we can no longer be together,
I have fallen for another, her name is Miss Adventure,
Sure she has her moments, a little up and down,
But when you have her in your heart, your whole life turns around,

Mr Routine: why all the fuss and fights?
It really isn’t fair,
I no longer want your rules and schedules,
My heart’s no longer there,
It belongs to the beautiful woman who dances with the sun,
She is exciting, romantic and always up for fun,
I do not care if the others will disapprove,
You see, when you’re in love with Miss Adventure,
You never have anything to lose.