Life on the road

Finding home

Finding home on the road

Leaving a place you were told was home,
A place where you’re not meant to feel alone,
A place to feel safe and have company,
A place to relax and set your mind free,
But what if that place never really felt right,
When you wanted your arms to spread wings so you could take flight,
What if you felt that something just doesn’t fit,
Unsure if your next move might just be it,
The downward spiral into the lonely unknown,
Career, money, family and checklists on your phone,

I wouldn’t say I was bitter about the way I lived my life,
I just made different choices hoping someday I’d get it right,
You should never truly regret the mistakes you have made,
Your future is written, rewritten and made,
Simply by the improvements you make for yourself,
If it has made you happy, sod everyone else,

We are made to feel that money is progress and competing is success,
I don’t think anyone can ever be better than ‘all the rest’,
Terms like the little people, the poor and the mad,
You can have all the money you’ve ever wanted and still be sad,
Leaving home isn’t scary its leaving yourself that’s terrifying,
Finding want you want from life is something far more trying,
Keeping it together is also another test,
But stick to your guts and heart and you’ll do what is best,

I found my home off a beaten track last week,
Two days before I found it in a field full of wheat,
Yesterday it was next to a beautiful lake,
Tomorrow I’m not sure of yet, the excitement is in the wait,
Home is where your heart is,
Yeah, and all the rest,
Home should be where you feel you are really at your best.

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