Part I: Europe by bike

In March, Katie & I came up with the idea of a bike tour starting in Morocco in May. It seemed like a grand idea, but temperatures routinely hit 30+ Celsius in Morocco throughout May and June, it started to sound impossible. Reading around, however, we discovered tips for surviving in the heat – rising early and taking shelter through the hottest times of the day, covering up from head to toe in light clothes – we figured it would be doable and somewhat adventurous to boot. So we went and bought ourselves a map of Europe (which happened to also cover North Africa), plotted a very basic route and began to think practicalities.

We came up with a packlist, started ordering gear online, booked flights to Marrakech (where we could easily buy gas canisters for our camping stove) and reached out to people through Couchsurfing and Warmshowers to find locals to meet during our trip. However, tragedy struck on May 12th (5 days before we were set to fly) when Chris’ Dad passed away in London. The funeral took place two weeks later and British Airways were understanding enough to transfer the value of our flights to a new date and new destination: Dubrovnik, Croatia on June 2nd. This was to avoid the Moroccan summer heat and make possible an Atlantic ferry crossing for the second leg of our “Life on the road” trip.

We’ve plotted a rough map of our European route below with markers where we are hoping to bike through. If you live or know people somewhere along our route, please get in touch with us! One of our goals on this trip is to meet as many amazing people as possible, and engaging with anyone who reads this blog would be very exciting for us.


Start: Dubrovnik, Croatia
Finish: Agadir, Morocco

Distance: 4,006km (~2490 miles)

Countries: Morocco, Spain, Andorra, France, Italy, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Austria, Croatia.

Estimated duration: 100 days