You hate Wednesdays
routine, biketouring, adventure, dream

Get into your own sheets, sink your head into the pillow that smells just like you. Pull that duvet up to your chin and marshmallow yourself into your mattress. You fast-forward today’s outstanding events in your head, you think about the lunch you had today and then you think about the lunch you have to […]

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Feeding dreams
croatia bike tour anorexia recovery

Tw: depression, anxiety, self-harm, eating disorder Every year that passes, history and memories become misty, fogged up and broken down into part stories. A person, you, your friends and surroundings can change in an instant, your life in a completely different state to what it was weeks ago. But what if nothing changed for say, […]

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Finding home
Life on the road

Leaving a place you were told was home, A place where you’re not meant to feel alone, A place to feel safe and have company, A place to relax and set your mind free, But what if that place never really felt right, When you wanted your arms to spread wings so you could take […]

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Becoming a cycling nomad
Campsite bicycling cooking wildcamping

The transformation from city-dwelling, job-working, taxpaying citizens to roaming, penniless nomads seems to most people a transformation on a scale beyond imagining. How one can go from the security of rental contracts and direct-debits to the world of asking for day-old food and camping in quiet fields is a common question and it may be […]

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Mr. Routine
vista view city italy

Oh, Mr. Routine, please don’t bother me, I’ve ignored your calls and messages and do not wish to reply, You wake me up to tell me that I am already late, When all I did was question, ‘What got me in this state?’, Mr Routine, I have to end this, we can no longer be together, […]

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