Cycling and Hiking Rainbow Mountain Peru
Rainbow Mountain Peru Bike Touring

What’s so Special About Rainbow Mountain? You may have heard of Rainbow Mountain (Winicunca/Vinicunca National Park) in the region of Cusco in Peru, but it’s far more likely that you have seen a picture taken by somebody at the top of the mountain; it’s been a favourite on image sharing websites for years and is […]

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The day it began
Couple cycling biketouring bicycles Italy travelling nomads

8:00am Written on a plane to Croatia. British airways is taking these two Euro travellers to the very beginning of their adventurous lives. From London, Gatwick to Dubrovnik, Croatia. I’m sitting in seat 21D, tapping my fingers against the food tray creating disaster scenarios in my head; What if the bikes get broken on the […]

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What Do Vegan Bike Tourers Eat?
MSR vegan cooking bike touring

This is probably one of the most commonly asked questions on social media, and one of the easiest to answer! Being a vegetarian consists of avoiding meat products, chicken, beef and fish etc. But being vegan involves avoiding animal products all together, eggs, cheese and milk…anything taken from an animal, including the animal itself. Pretty […]

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Cycling in Europe without money – an update

Bike Touring Without Money We have already written a post about cycling in Europe on a tight budget, but something extreme has happened since publishing that post and writing this one: we have stopped spending money. That’s a bit of a lie; we have had to spend a few euros on toothpaste, two new toothbrushes […]

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Becoming a cycling nomad
Campsite bicycling cooking wildcamping

The transformation from city-dwelling, job-working, taxpaying citizens to roaming, penniless nomads seems to most people a transformation on a scale beyond imagining. How one can go from the security of rental contracts and direct-debits to the world of asking for day-old food and camping in quiet fields is a common question and it may be […]

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Cycling through Europe on a budget

It’s the elephant in the room and the question we’re most often asked, so we figured it deserved a short blog post after 9 weeks of experience on the road. We’ll do longer posts about budgets and keeping costs down in the future, probably once our small savings run dry and we have had to […]

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