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Announcing The Biketripper

Everybody has a website these days. Almost every adventurer, traveller, weekend-get-away-er, decided at one point in time to get themselves a domain name and record their adventures for the world to follow. We did too. Almost a year ago to the day, we purchased the domain name for Tanlines for Two and started something we […]

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Becoming a cycling nomad

The transformation from city-dwelling, job-working, taxpaying citizens to roaming, penniless nomads seems to most people a transformation on a scale beyond imagining. How one can go from the security of rental contracts and direct-debits to the world of asking for day-old food and camping in quiet fields is a common question and it may be […]

Camping in Croatia so far

It’s now day 11 of what is becoming – in our heads at least – an around-the-world bike tour, we’ve spent the last 10 days biking from Dubrovnik’s airport to the middle of Croatia, somewhere near the border with Bosnia and Herzegovina. Out of those ten days, we have slept five nights on campsites, where we have […]