thebiketripper website screenshot

Announcing The Biketripper

Everybody has a website these days. Almost every adventurer, traveller, weekend-get-away-er, decided at one point in time to get themselves a domain name and record their adventures for the world to follow. We did too. Almost a year ago to the day, we purchased the domain name for Tanlines for Two and started something we didn’t truly understand. We built a very basic website, got our first couple of posts online, and hit the road. After 6 months on the road, we had a revelation that we should start reviewing all of our biking and camping equipment in order to help others form their opinions before buying. The section “Gear Reviews” was born. Before long, Katie and I were both uploading posts to the website, often on completely different topics.

To anyone coming to the website, it must have been a bit of a mess to navigate. You could be reading about body image issues in today’s society one minute, then suddenly find yourself reading about a mountain biking tyre. If that wasn’t reason enough for a redesign, different types of content look best with different types of themes. Our website could only run one theme, so all of the content had the same “look”. Bike reviews favour a magazine-style, information- and word-heavy layout. Thoughtful, reflective posts would probably look best with a more minimalistic layout. In any case, to avoid boring you too much, we turned Tanlines for Two into our hub website; a place to announce big changes to our lives, but also a place from which you can access all of our content. In short, we want to make reading our stuff easier for you, the reader.

Since Tanlines for Two has become a hub site, we of course had to build content websites, and the first of those is already up and running. It’s called The Biketripper, has a huge focus on everything bicycles, and will hopefully become a resource that both seasoned and beginner cyclists can come to in order to find information about adventuring by bicycle. Short trips, long trips, trips of unknown duration, we hope to make the information on The Biketripper useful to anyone looking for a bicycle-powered adventure.

thebiketripper website screenshot
The result of many hours of work: a new website!

Give the website a look and please let us know what you think of the site if you have any feedback. Suggestions are always welcome as we grow the site.

However, this is only the beginning. Converting Tanlines for Two into a hub website will allow us to set up as many “subdomains”, i.e. content websites, as we like. The next stage, when we again have a good wifi connection, will be to get a blog for Katie’s writings up and running. That will be a place where people can read about eating disorder pro-recovery thoughts, body image issues and some feminist topics. After that, we have some surprises in store we are very excited to make public. For now, stay tuned, subscribe to our website below and thanks for being part of our adventures!