Who Are We?

chris and katie toasting with avocado and toast on their wedding morning

Chris, 24

Born and raised in London, has been to university, lived for a year in the south of Germany and spent a summer living and working in China. In 2016, he left his job at a cycling start-up company to begin travelling the world. He aspires to learn as many languages as possible, loves cycling and has been a vegan for the past 4 years.

Ariel, 21

Has always had the travel bug, however through her teenage years she struggled with anorexia and depression, but her dream of travelling the world helped her get through this. She loves creating adventures and music and hopes raise awareness around mental health and eating disorders as well as inspiring others to go outdoors and experience the world.


Chris and Ariel met two years ago in Ariel’s old London flat, they lived in there for a short while, Chris worked at one job and Ariel managed to have 6 different ones in 6 months. Her itchy feet carried them away to Croatia to start lives on two wheels.

They biked across 8 different countries and when they ended up in Chile they decided to part with their two wheels and exchange them for four. They now, still live in Chile in their converted Peugeot Boxer which they have named Peggy.

They got married on the 9th September 2017 in England and have since returned after a 6 week trip there to continue their lives on the road and apply for temporary residency in Chile.

They are both making jewellery and crafting designs out of wood that they collect, hoping to make a living to continue their journeys in South America.